Healthier Thickening
For Your Little Ones

Gelmix is the first USDA organic thickener for breast milk and formula specifically formulated for pediatric use in America.

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Harnessing The Thickening
Power Of Carob Bean Gum

Gelmix Thickener - Corn Free
Gelmix Thickener - Gluten Free
Gelmix Thickener - Lactose & Casein Free
Gelmix Thickener - Soy Free
Gelmix Thickener - GMO Free


Gelmix Thickener Ingredients

Gelmix harnesses the natural thickening properties of tapioca and carob bean gum resulting in a fine powder that is completely tasteless, odorless and smooth when dissolved.

Our USDA Organic seal means we met the strict standards of the national organic program, ensuring our ingredients are not genetically modified, do not use potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and are produced by methods that are better for the environment.

Gelmix Thickener Organic

USDA Organic

Thickens Breast Milk

Gelmix Thickener Thickens Breast Milk

The AAP and WHO strongly encourage breast feeding infants exclusively for the first six months to benefit from its many healthful properties. Gelmix thickens breast milk effectively when thickening is recommended without significantly altering the natural balance of the infant diet.

The CDC and AAP warn that the health risks of early introduction of cereals are numerous, yet thickening with rice cereal is still often recommended in GERD guidelines. Cereals are ineffective in breast milk, cause constipation, add excessive calories and displace the natural infant diet with lots of carbohydrates.

Gelmix Thickener Compared to Cereals

Compared to Cereals

Safe & Effective

Gelmix Thickener Safe & Effective

Gelmix ingredients have a long history of safe and effective use for infants requiring thickened feeds, meeting strict US and international regulatory standards for its safe consumption by term infants.

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Learn more about adding Gelmix Thickener to your thickening routine below.

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Mixing Instructions

Gelmix is easily mixed with breast milk, formula and other liquids. Follow these simple steps, and watch the video for a demonstration of mixing Gelmix with formula.

Reminder: Always wash your hands before mixing Gelmix with breast milk, formula or your desired liquid.

Warm desired amount of liquid. Between 95-110°F for best results.

Sprinkle in Gelmix Thickener per usage instructions.

Mix well until Gelmix is completely dissolved.

Wait 5 minutes for the mixture to thicken and cool to a safe feeding temperature, mix again before serving.

Reminder: Always test temperature before feeding. If feeding with a bottle, check nipple flow as increasing hole size may be necessary.

For a demonstration, please view the following video:

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