After trying desperately to EBF (exclusively breast feed) my son, I realized I just couldn’t get it to work. His latch was wrong, I developed thrush, and I saw the LC 2x and I was mentally broken, so to formula we went. At first I didn’t think much of his spitting up, thought it was just the transition from breast milk to formula. After about 3 weeks I knew we had a problem talk to his ped and we went thru 4 different formulas. UGH my poor baby was constantly spitting up even on the “gentle” formula. So I did some surfing and came across Gelmix and said, what the hell, it cant hurt… It was the best WTH moment ever…my son hasn’t spit up a drop in over 4 months!!! His clothes are clean he doesn’t smell of spit up. Gelmix saved me from having to stay in the house and being able to let others hold my son without the fear he would spit up all over them. He is quite social and loves being passed around and sitting on laps and now its not a “fear” for me.

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