We were referred to Gelmix by our GI Dr. One of our twins was diagnosed with reflux, a slow swallow and Sandifers syndrome. All of this was causing him to have a rapid respiratory rate. We started out thickening his milk with cereal while we waited for the Gelmix to arrive. The cereal was hard on his tummy causing constipation. We are so happy to have found Gelmix our son has not had a Sandifers episode since we started using it and we even give it to our other twin. He also has reflux but with him it caused no discomfort so it was more of a laundry hassle he spit up what felt like every ounce of milk. I am happy to say we can now go all day in the same outfit! I recommend Gelmix to all my mommy friends as a safe and better alternative to thickening with cereal.

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