Gelmix Compared to Cereals


Historically in North America, rice cereals have been used to thicken formula, particularly for infants with excessive spit-up. However, there are many drawbacks to thickening with cereals. Cereals often cause constipation, add excessive calories and displace the natural diet with considerable carbohydrates.


Gelmix does not cause constipation like cereals do. Gelmix only adds 5 calories per serving – that’s 5 times less calories than cereals! Only 1/4 teaspoon of Gelmix is added for every 2-3 ounces, in comparison to 1 tablespoon of rice cereal added for every 1-2 ounces.  The small amount of Gelmix needed to achieve the desired consistency results in a very low displacement, which means your infant gets more of the nutrients they need from their natural diet.


Cereals are not suitable thickeners for breast milk.  Cereals are broken down by maternal digestive enzymes within minutes, thus losing their thickening properties. Gelmix mixes easily with breast milk and maintains its thickening properties for easier feeding.


Compared to Other Commercial Thickeners


Gelmix is the only USDA organic thickening option, utilizing organic tapioca maltodextrin and organic carob bean gum to naturally thicken liquids. Gelmix is free of common allergens.  Unlike most commercial thickeners, Gelmix does not contain corn, wheat, gluten, whey, casein or lactose. Most commercial thickeners are either gum based or starch based. Common ingredients in other thickeners are xanthan-gum, rice flour and corn starch.


Other thickeners add considerable volume of product to achieve the desired consistency. To achieve nectar thick, most commercial thickeners add between 4 to 8 teaspoons to 4 ounces of liquid. To achieve the same consistency with Gelmix, only 2.4g, or 1/2 teaspoon, is added to 4 ounces. That’s at least 8x less! Adding less thickener means retaining more of the natural nutritional balance of the original diet. Gelmix only adds 2.5 calories per ounce of liquid, that’s 4x less compared to 10 calories added by other powder thickeners.


The natural thickening properties of Gelmix are most effective in warmed liquids. To achieve the best results, warm liquids to 100-120F before mixing in the powder so it dissolves completely and begins to thicken. There are other commercial thickeners that work with cold liquids, however using Gelmix requires liquids to be warmed first.