Mixing Gelmix Thickener

Mixing Instructions for Gelmix Thickener

Mixing Gelmix Thickener with breast milk, formulate and other liquids is easy.
Simply follow the steps below or watch the video for a live demonstration.

Reminder: Always wash your hands before mixing Gelmix with breast milk, formula or your desired liquid.

How to Mix Gelmix Thickener

Warm desired liquid until it reaches
a lukewarm temperature ( about 100°F ).

Sprinkle in Gelmix Thickener per usage instructions.

Mix well until Gelmix is completely dissolved.

Wait 5 minutes for the mixture to thicken and cool to a safe feeding temperature, mix again before serving.

Dosage Recommendations*

1 - Slightly Thick (AKA THIN NECTAR)

Add 2.4g** Gelmix for every 4 ounces of liquid

2 - Mildly Thick (AKA NECTAR)

Add 2.4g Gelmix for every 3 ounces of liquid

3 - Moderately Thick (AKA Honey)***

Add 2.4g Gelmix for every 2 ounces of liquid

* Designed for use with IDDSI framework (www.iddsi.org). Tests performed by Parapharma Tech.

** Gelmix jars include a 1.2g scoop (½ serving) for mixing smaller increments, 2.4g equals TWO scoops or a single serving 2.4g packet.

*** Moderately thick liquids are more difficult to pass through a nipple/teat and are NOT typically recommended for infants. This difficulty may increase risk of dehydration due to poor oral intake.

Reminder: Always test temperature before feeding. If feeding with a bottle, check nipple flow as increasing hole size may be necessary.

Gelmix Thickener Mixing Tips:

Advanced Preparation: Gelmix can be premixed with water, most infant formulas and many other liquids up to 24 hours in advance. Gelmix continues to gradually thicken liquids over time, so reducing concentration may be necessary for mixing batches in advance.

Mixing with Formula: The storage duration is dependent on the formula manufacturer’s instructions. Gelmix will not affect the storage duration of thickened formula. For powder formulas, just premix the warmed water and Gelmix, and store in the refrigerator or in a clean covered pitcher at room temperature until formula powder needs be added before feeding.

Note: We do not recommend mixing breast milk and Gelmix in advance. In order to activate Gelmix, the liquid has to be warmed, but breast milk should not be warmed twice. Breast milk mixed with Gelmix may be kept at room temperature for up to 3 hours.

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